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  • "International Quality at affordable cost" is what you get at Dr. Mehadevia Clinic. Dr. Mahadevia who is a member of the most recognized International body of Hair Restoration "ISHRS"; is a fully trained Plastic Surgeon with over 17 years of experience, knowledge and commitment behind him. He is also a member of FUE Society Asian Association of Hair Restoration Surgeons AASRS, as well as Association of Hair Restoration Surgeons of India (AHRS). He had trained himself from the leaders in the world by visiting UK, Korea, Brazil, Japan, Spain, Australia, USA, Poland, Amsterdam, Turkey etc. He is focused on 'Quality'. These days he advocates the minimally invasive, least traumatic and most beneficial techniques of FUE (Follicular unit Extraction) over Strip Method.

    Dr. Mahadevia uses All Follicular grafts that are rapidly, scientifically and artistically implanted in the area of hair loss by his innovated "wet" technique which keeps the grafts moist even at the time of implantation. His specially designed "Hair Transplant Table" makes your experience most comfortable. Mega session and dense packing is what we promote for good results preferably in one session. All the grafts are artistically inserted in natural direction. The well-trained team will make hair transplant a pleasant and purposeful event of your life in a friendly ambience. He is offering Body Hair Transplant (BHT) when appropriate.
  • Common hair loss (95%): As commonly believed the hair loss is not because of hard water, change of place, sun, wind, poor blood circulation of scalp, use of cap or helmet, too frequent or frequent change of shampoo, no application of hair oil, mental stress, excess dandruff or clogged pores etc.More
  • If you have started losing hair or are having excess hair fall use standard well researched and FDA approved medications like Minoxidil or Finasteride for protecting your hair fall. Medications protect your existing hair from permanent loss and reduces hair fall in 2-3 months and on continued use you can improve the thickness of your thin hairs and make them grow in length and you can maintain your existing hairs. They need to be used permanently like blood pressure or diabetes medication for best results. Medications although do not grow back your lost hairs where roots are dead.

    Hair Transplant is the only method for growing new hairs in this hair loss area to grow natural, permanent, maintenance free hairs that can be coloured, styled, shampooed, oiled, massage or even shaved on regular bases. Hair transplant is a surgical procedure that is usually one procedure and does not require hospitalization, bandages and is done under local anesthesia as out door procedure. More inside…
  • The only permanent treatment available (as of now) to grow new hair in the area of hair loss is Hair Transplantation (HT), Hair Transplant (HT) is a surgical procedure done under local anesthesia where hair roots are taken usually from the back side of the head (where there is permanently growing, genetically strong and hormone resistant hairs) and planted in the area of hair loss in the front. Because these roots are hormone resistant they grow permanently in the planted area. The transplanted hairs start growing after about 4 months. You can have them cut, colourd, styled, oil, massage, shampoo or even shave on regular bases. You do not lose these hairs. Unlike old Plug method or Mini or Micro method the modern Follicular method harvests individual Hair roots (also known as Follicular Units or Grafts). Well there are 2 modern methods of HT.More

  • If you have started losing hair or has excess hair fall start using Medications under doctors supervision because medications can protect your hairs from further loss. They can even increase the thickness and length of your thinning hairs. Once you lose the hairs medications do not grow back the dead roots alive. Like blood pressure or diabetes medications hair loss medications work as long as you use them and therefore you need to continue using it till you want your hair to be preserved.

    The medications take 2-3 months to control hair fall thereafter you will see the improvement in existing hairs by 12 to 18 months. The standard well researched and FDA approved medications used across the world are Minoxidil and Finasteride. Minoxidil is a local application and Finasteride is an oral medication.
  • Artificial Hair plantation ( e.g.Biofibre), Cosmetic Thickening Microfibres ( e.g. Toppik, Nanogen etc.) Low Level Laser Therapy or Hair piece or Wig are the artifiial , unnatural or temporary solutions for hair loss as they do not grow new permanent real hairs in hair loss area like Hair Transplant but they can be useful in certain temporary situations to give cosmetic improvement. Unlike Hair Transplantation all of these require permanent maintenance.

  • Regenerative Medicine, Cloning, Stem Cell Therapy, Growth Factors and Cytokines (Wnt) Induction, ECM ( Extracellular Matrix) HM ( Hair Multiplication). PRP More

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