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Case study1:

Rahul was a 27 years IT professional in reputed company in Bangalore when he came to us. He had very good hairs in his childhood up to the 2nd year engineering college at Delhi. He said his friends used to envy his hair. His barber used to have hard time managing with density of his hairs. His father and grand father had good hairs until 50 years of age. But his maternal uncles have lost some hair at 30 years of age. He was a healthy person and was a regular swimmer for last so many years and had even competed at national level.

While in 2nd year he suffered dry scalp and a lot of dandruff and some noticeable hair fall. His scalp used to itch a lot. Every time he washed his head or combed his hair he experienced unusual hair fall. Initially he did not take it seriously. He reduced his frequency of hair wash to twice and then once a week and that to he washed the hair very lightly. But after a while on telling of his mother and a maternal uncle he started using some Aurvedic Oil. But every time he applied the oil to the scalp he experienced more hair fall, which scared him. He decided and then visited a very well known Homeopathic clinic at Bangalore. He used the medication for 1 year. It appeared that it worked initially for 6-8 months and he had reduced hair fall and some visible improvement as well. But then he had an attack of Malaria and thereafter he observed that in spite of using sugary white pills and oil from Homeopathy on regular bases for next few months the hair fall did not stop. He had already lost most of his hairs in the front and had thinned out hairs on the crown area as well. His friend used to call names and even students younger to him used to tease him. Going to parties became difficult for him due to his looks. He could not make girlfriends and had difficulty in even facing the girls of his class. Not only that he felt shy talking to his female cousins with whom he played in childhood.

On one visit to Homeopath doctor he was informed that he has developed Male Pattern Hair loss and this is a progressive condition and medication will not grow back his hairs. This came to him as a shock. He was looking for a job and hair loss made him very depressed and his personal interviews made him very embarrassed due to his look. Well even after he got a good job in this company he is often facing jokes and teasing from the colleague and friends. He is treated like an elderly. He did not talk much and was lonely most of the time. He lacked the confidence in himself. He could not go in public without cap.

Every night when in seclusion he surfed the net for hair treatment and solutions. He came to know from the research that only answer to his problem is a permanent treatment of Hair Transplant. For 1 year he researched on the net on many forums and websites. He communicated with various doctors in India and out side India and finally came to the conclusion that he has to go to Ahmedabad to Dr. Mahadevia for the Hair Transplant treatment. It is now one and a half year and he says that some of those who used to tease him bad have changed their perception and he was even compared to Salman Khan by some. He can go in public without cap and feels that he is breathing new air of freedom. He is now engaged to a beautiful girl in Delhi and their parents are looking for the date of marriage.

Case Studies 2:

34 years of Sohail was otherwise well built and healthy and hailed from a rich family and his father was an Industrialist in Mumbai with multinational business. Sohail was using wig for last 8 years. He started his hair loss at the age of 18. He had a strong family history of hair loss. During the early years of his Commerce education he started rapid hair loss and within a span of one year he lost 30 to 40 % of his hairs on the top area. He went from one doctor to another. He tried Aurvedic formulae and diet control a number of times. Kelraian Massage and Shirodhara were done many times. He Visited many Homeopaths and even visited a few Allopathic doctors to stop hair loss. He used imported liquids, gels and creams. Many types of oils were tried on recommendation from senior family members or some friends. He said he must have spent over 3 lac rupees in all those concoctions and medications.

Initially his friends were teasing him and that made him feel very bad. He then started using cap in presence of any one. He has a great collection of caps even today. After MBA studies when he had already lost 60% of his hairs on the top, he felt that he should try using wig and with his fathers consent he once visited a reputed hair piece maker who took a few days do deliver his custom made hair piece.

He felt that his life is going to change for good when he saw himself for the first time in the mirror. Well he redeveloped his lost confidence with new head cover with dense hairs. But soon he also felt that wig has added more problems in his daily life and has made his life more complex. He needed monthly maintenance visit to wig maker. Every visit made his pocket lighter. During hot summer when in public he could not remove his wig in spite of the profuse sweating under it. At times it used to stink and people may feel awkward in his presence. Before important meeting he had to visit to restroom to check the position and condition of hair piece and at times he may have to rush to rest room before meeting with important client to get the sweating head dried. Couple of times he was embarrassed due to mal positioned wig in front of some important people. He cannot remove his wig until he is alone with his wife at night. His 6 years old son came to know that his father is wearing a wig and he started teasing him in front of others who were never suspicious of his wig any time before. Adding to his agony he had also lost hairs at the site of fixation of his wig with clip.

He was very tire of using wig and was looking for some natural solution and came to know of Dr. Mahadevia’s Hair Transplant clinic at Ahmedabad. He contacted first by e-mail and then one day came over to see personally. He was in stage 5 and thereafter underwent 2 sessions of Hair Transplant procedure and has now gotten rid of his wig completely. He sent sweets with one of the patients he referred to this clinic with a note of gratitude. Although he has hair then his hairpiece they are all original and naturally growing hair, which he can style every day and when ever he wants and can do so in presence of others. He has come out of his shame and awkward feeling of using wig and is now having dignified presence in front of his clients and his son. He no more needs to visit his special barber cum wig maker for maintenance of his wig as well as careful haircut. On the contrary he visits regular barber for normal hair cut every month and a half. Best part of Hair Transplant he likes is the new hairs look natural and do not need any special attention or looking after.

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