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Why you lose hair?

Common hair loss (95%): As commonly believed the hair loss is not because of hard water, change of place, sun, wind, poor blood circulation of scalp, use of cap or helmet, too frequent or frequent change of shampoo, no application of hair oil, mental stress, excess dandruff or clogged pores etc. Majority of time you lose hair due to condition called “ Androgentic Alopecia- AGA” which is also known as Male Pattern Hair loss or Female Pattern Loss. You lose hair because of your Genetic Predisposition. Certain genes (called AR genes) turn your hair on the top central ‘U’ shaped area hormone sensitive. A hormone called 5 DHT affects only these hormone vulnerable hairs and makes them grow thinner, shorter & slower with time (a process called

‘Miniaturization). These weakening hairs eventually get killed and thereafter no medications can grow back those hairs. This loss of hair also occurs in a typical pattern and therefore it is called Pattern Loss. This condition does not affect the hairs on the side and back of the head or other hairs of the body and they remain healthy thought life and grow though out life. Other factors like nutrition, stress, disease, environment etc. usually play a little role except for expediting the hair loss at early age. Shaving of head or tonsure does not re grow lost hair as common belief. You can inherit the hair loss gene from one or both parents Hormones do affect; that's why hair loss occurs after puberty, and not in those castrated before puberty. You lose more hair with increasing age. Smoking increases hair loss.

Usually Hairs are lost in one of the various patterns shown below.

Hair Loss (Alpecia) and Baldness come in 3 Forms: Pattern, Patchy and Diffuse
Pattern (Particular Shape) Most Common type.
Patchy (Localized, Focal)
You lose hair in front and on the top but a horseshoe shaped area at the back and on the sides is un affected.
You lose hair only in patches on the scalp and rest of the area hair growth is normal
You lose hair on entire scalp and not on just a particular area leading to generalized thinning or generalized baldness
Appearance or Form
Common causes

Male pattern Baldness (MPD or
AHA Androgenetic Alopecia) or Common Baldness)

or FPB (Female Pattern Baldness) Common Baldness (MPB or AHA) and FPB Androgenetic Alopecia (AHA) is by far the most common cause of hair loss. This is due to 2 reasons
1. Genes
2. Hormones
1. Alopecia Areata,
2. Scarring Alopecia,
3. Trichotelomania
4. Traction Alopecia
Alopecia due to various

skin problems like Lupus, Scleroderma, Pseudopalade, Tinea capitis etc.

Alopecia Areata: This as a common Autoimmune disease where the body ‘s immune system perceives the hair as its own enemy and start attacking and destroying them. This is treatable only in early stage but recurrence may not be prevented. It may recur in other part of scalp, beard or other part of scalp. Chronic disease is difficult to cure when many roots are destroyed. Hair Transplant is usually not done.

Scarring or Cicatricle Alopecia After burns or other injuries to the scalp there can be permanent damage to the hair roots and in that patch hair do not grow. Usually due to scarring the blood supply in that area is poor.

Traction alopecia and Trichotelomania: Due to the tight hair style in women or in Sikhs like braiding or the use of weave or pins of wig continually pulls on the hair and the roots may get damaged in long run and can cause hair loss. In Obsessive psychiatric disorder called Trichotellomania the patient is in a habit of pulling the hair in one area and ends up in a patchy hair loss in that area

Telogen Effluvium: A period of Physical or mental stress, delivery of a baby in females etc. can lead to generalized loss of hair from scalp within few weeks due to shortening of Growth cycle and entering of hair in Telogen phase. This is temporary because after 6 months of relief in stress period the hair starts regrowing. Telogen effluvium can precipitate or even aggravate pattern baldness if one is genetically susceptible to develop MPB or FPB Anagen Effluvium: Chemotherapy or certain Toxins can stop further growth of the growing hair and the already grown hair brakes and sheds over few days

Some hairstyles, like braiding can cause hair loss
  • Styles that pull or put tension on the hairs - such as tight ponytails or cornrows - can cause hair loss.
Hair loss can be aggravated by other conditions.
  • Iron deficiency can make hair loss worse and is fairly common in vegetarians and women. Iron deficiency is not a diagnosis by itself and the cause must be found. Correcting iron deficiency can slow down the progression of hair loss but is not likely to cause a major improvement in your hair.
  • Severe malnutrition and protein deficiency can also contribute to hair loss but hair loss would be the least of your worries.
  • Thyroid disease can aggravate hair loss. Hair loss can occur with either an under active thyroid or an overactive thyroid.
  • Elevated Hormones can speed up hair loss. Men (or women) who take anabolic steroids for bodybuilding often notice accelerated hair loss.
Does stress contribute to hair loss?
  • Both psychological and physical stress, especially if they are intense and prolonged, can contribute to temporary hair loss. They do this by perhaps altering the hair cycle: shortening the growing stage or lengthening the resting stage. Stress may also have a negative impact on the immune system leading to a more severe type of hair loss called alopecia areata. When the stressful situation is over or the body adjusts to it, the hair usually grows back.
Other conditions:

A very small percentage of cases have hair loss due variety of conditions such as alopecia areata, scarring alopecia. More inside….

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