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Hair in History
  • Patrick Stewart inherited alopecia and had completely lost his hair by the age of 19. Shortly after landing the role of Captain Jean-Luc Picard in "Star Trek: The Next Generation" Stewart's daughter, then 15, suggested a new tagline for the show: "To baldly go where no man has gone before."
  • One day late in life, Robert Frost was asked where he got his hair cut. "I cut my own hair now," he replied. "I got sick of barbers because they talk too much - and too much of their talk was about my hair falling out."Frost, Robert Lee (1874-1963) American poet, Poet Laureate, Pulitzer Prize recipient (1924, 1931, 1937, 1943) [noted for such deceptively simple poems as "The Road Less Traveled" and "Stopping by Woods at Snowy Evening", collected in such collections as A Boy's Will (1913) and In the Clearing (1962)
  • Cary Grant's mother, having seen her famous son on a television broadcast one day, scolded him for letting his hair turn gray. "It doesn't bother me," he casually replied. "Maybe not," his mother retorted, "but it bothers me. It makes me seem so old!"
  • "Charlton Heston wears a hairpiece," Dustin Hoffman once remarked. "His character in A Man For All Seasons was bald. Instead of doing without his hairpiece, he put a bald pate over it!"
  • Because she did not want anyone to know that her hair was not in fact her own, Catherine the Great kept her wig-maker confined for three years... In an iron cage in her bedroom.Catherine II [Catherine the Great], (1729-1796) Russian czarina (1762–96) [noted for her failed efforts at legal reform, and for her wars with the Ottoman Empire]
  • Jason Alexander (famed for his 'George Costanza' character on "Seinfeld") was once asked what sort of woman was attracted to him. "It's interesting how the 'Seinfeld' fan base broke down," he replied. "Michael Richards would get the lunatics, Julia Louis-Dreyfus would get the convicts, Jerry would get the young, attractive girls, and I would get their mothers!"[Alexander started losing his hair at the age of 16. "The baldness thing has only helped me in life," he added. "I could play older guys in my 20s, and if I needed to play a guy with hair, I'd throw on a wig."][Details: "My introduction to sex came when I was quite young, with a much older woman I was working with," Alexander once recalled. "I was 13 at the time, and she was in her 30s."]Alexander [born Greenspan], Jason Scott (1959- ) American actor [noted for his roles on "Seinfeld" and in various films]
  • One day a female fan broke into Thaddeus Stevens's Congressional office begging for a lock of his hair. Stevens removed his chestnut wig and handed it over. "Pray, madam," he declared, "select any curl that strikes your fancy." Stevens, Thaddeus (1792-1868) American politician and lawyer, U.S. Congressman (Pennsylvania, 1849-53, 1859-68) [noted for his leading role in the impeachment of President Andrew Johnson (1868)]
  • Prince Philip addressed a meeting of manufacturers of man-made fibers one evening. "I'm not very good," he confessed, indicating his balding head, "at producing man-made fibers myself!" Philip, Prince, Duke of Edinburgh (1921- ) British husband of Queen Elizabeth II
  • Chinese proverb, "Of 10 bald men nine are deceitful and the tenth is stupid."
  • In the biblical story, the cutting off of Samson's hair deprived him of his strength. This may be an example of a man's head hair "displacing" his facial and body hair as a symbol of virility and power . Scalp hair loss is seen in much the same way, as an indicator of age and loss of virility.
  • Two psychiatrists, TA Szasz and AM Robertson, from the University of Chicago many years ago claimed that baldness was due to laughter. They suggested that the facial nerve which allows fluidity of facial expression, has branches that activate the muscles of the scalp. Broad smiles and hearty laughter cause this muscle to pull on the scalp and tighten it which constricted the blood vessels supplying the hair.
  • Hippocrates was perhaps the first to realize a link between androgens and pattern baldness when he wrote in Aphorism VI 28, " Eunuchs are not subject to gout nor do they become bald."
  • Julius Caesar was bald, which is ironic because the name Caesar, from the Latin "caesaries," means "abundant hair." Cleopatra proposed a baldness cure made from ground up burnt domestic mice, horse teeth, bear grease, and deer marrow to treat the baldness of Julius Caeser.
  • Sioux Indians believed hair was the seat of strength so much so that they scalped their enemies to take away their power , even in death. Because hair is so strong you could hang between 5,600kg and 8,400kg from one head of hair without it breaking (although your neck would not take it !).
  • female scalp hair is regarded as an indicator of sexuality so to cover it up is to show modesty and subservience.
  • humility and subservience or as a punishment . Buddhist monks/ indicator of mourning.
  • second world war female traitors in France had their scalps forcibly shaved before being paraded through the streets.
  • The longest scalp hair on record was grown by a medicine man, Hoo Sateow of Muang Nge, Chang Mai, Thailand. The hair measured 16 feet 11 inches (5.15 meters) on the 21st November 1997. Mr Sateow stopped cutting his hair in 1929 in the belief that his long hair held the key to his healing powers
  • You shed more hair in the fall and spring than in summer and late winter in response to the changes in seasons and daylight exposure.
  • Over $6 billion is spent in the US each year on treating hair loss.
  • Hair fiber is as strong as copper wire of the same diameter.
  • $180 million of minoxidil is sold each year.
  • Over 70 million people in the US have some degree of androgenetic alopecia.
  • Asian men have little beard growth and a lower risk of developing androgenetic alopecia as, on average, they produce less testosterone than Caucasians
  • FUE was first done by Dr. Inaba of Japan in 1996 and then by Dr, Wood,s of Australia I 1992
  • Choi Hair implanter was invented in South Korea as a modification many years after the implanter was used by another surgeon in leprosy patients
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