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Dandruff & sebum deposit on scalp is the  cause baldness.
Today most investigators agree that keeping the scalp free of sebum would not prevent hair loss. 1. Dandruff is not a disease it is a cleanliness problem
2. Dandruff is not the cause of hair loss as it is commonly believed.
3. When one has excess hair fall or has more cyclical turnover of hairs due to short hair cycle of hairs in pattern hair loss the skin cell turnover also increases and that is the cause of more dandruff and not the other way round.

Hard water or change of place is the cause of hair loss.
Well water does not enter the scalp and act on the roots and you clean all your hairs with water including your hair on the back and that of other body part but you lose your hairs only on the to central area in AGA.

Using cap or helmet is the cause of baldness because there is no sufficient aeration:
If that were the case all those in army, navy and air force and miners would become bald. Cap or helmet may be in fact protective to your hair and scalp from the pollution, sun and wind. This may be associated because the cap is worn where this hair loss occurs. Actually skin or hair does not need aeration.

Lack of hair oil application of scalp cause baldness due to inadequate nourishment to hair:
The tradition of hair oil application is only in Indian Subcontinent and western country has no one using hair oil. Hair oil does not reach your roots of hair and does not provide any nutrition to hair. Oil is just a conditioner to external hair. Even those who apply hair oil regularly have gone bald.

Baldness is a result of tight scalp muscles, mental stress, too frequent or infrequent shampooing, poor hygiene, and poor circulation.
There is no scientific proof of this that it is related to tight scalp muscles, mental stress, too frequent or infrequent shampooing.
MPB is not caused by poor circulation to the bald scalp. The decrease of blood flow to the bald scalp is indeed a result of reduced metabolic needs of the now miniaturized hair follicles. This is the “result” rather than the “cause”. Acute severe stress may initiate the MBP early or can be the cause of rapid hair loss.

I am too old to have a hair transplant.
A patient is never too old as long as he has an adequate healthy supply of donor hair. In fact the chance of having a successful hair transplant and a satisfied patient is higher when a person is older, when his hair loss is more stabilized and predictable. The permanency of the donor area is more obvious, and the patients more realistic in their expectations.

A special formulated shampoo that can stop hair loss
Do you really believe a shampoo that you apply on the scalp for 1 minutes and then quickly rinsed off, can really penetrate all the way through the skin and change the hair follicles DNA? Don't forget the function of the human skin is to act as a barrier to stop chemical penetration.

Claims that a Topical application can deliver nutrients and vitamin to the hair root.
Sorry, but we all know that the hair root does not take in nutrition from the scalp surface. The capillary vessels situated in the deep connective tissue nourish the entire follicle.

Medicine that improves circulation to the scalp can restore hair.
There is no scientific proof that reduced circulation to the scalp causes hair loss.
It is true that a bald scalp shows reduced circulation compared to a hairy scalp. However this is the result of the reduced metabolic needs of a bald scalp, whose hair follicles are much smaller.

Chinese herbs are more effective in treating hair loss. A lot of Chinese Herbalists are bald! Traditional Chinese Medicine believes that diseases are caused by a imbalance between Yin-Yan and the 5 Elements. Treatment for each individual is different. There is no rationale to use ready-made universal herbal formulation without knowing your own imbalance. For example if you are Yin-deficiency and take a Yan-supplement by mistake, you are in trouble.

Hair treatment that cleans your scalp grows healthy hair.
It was found that when no shampooing was done for 1 month, the only noteworthy finding was the building up of dandruff and oil to form a thick mat of surface scales. However the health of the scalp was not affected. Most scientific studies agree that excessive secretion of the oily sebum has no influence on the growth of scalp hair. Have you ever wonder why beggars who hardly shampoo have long thick hair.

Vitamins & Minerals Supplement can promote growth of health hair.
The deficiency of vitamins and minerals can produce diffuse hair loss. However supplement only restore hair when there is a deficiency. Increasing their body content of a readily adequate diet does not promote hair growth.

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