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American Food and Drug Administration a laboratory that enjoys the reputation world over has tested over 250,000 claims that can re grow hair in bald scalp; out of that it has approved only 2 medications and they are Minoxidil and Finasteride.
Many over-the-counter (OTC) hair treatments “guarantee” to stop hair loss and stimulate growth of new hair. You might have joined a very large club made up of people who elected to “do something” about hair loss by purchasing and using OTC medication you heard about from a friend, read about in advertisements, or came across on the World Wide Web. Perhaps you were also attracted by claims that the medication is “all natural”, “herbal”, “based on an ancient formula”, “discovered by a doctor”, etc.

Here are some facts you should know about when using these products:

  • Very few, if any, have ever been rigorously tested for safety and efficacy in well-designed clinical trials. Claims or “guarantees” of efficacy are rarely based upon good science; claims are more likely to be so-called testimonials from presumably satisfied users of the product.
  • The chemistry and pharmacodynamics are not known in most OTC products that promise hair restoration. There are few studies of the clinical effects of the “natural” or “herbal” ingredients in these products
  • Only two hair restoration medications have been approved by the FDA after testing for safety and efficacy in clinical trials. These are the topical minoxidil and the oral finasteride. Still neither product “guarantees” to stop hair loss or stimulate growth of new hair because hair loss can be due to many causes that may or may not be treatable by the medications.
  • Proper treatment may require a proper diagnosis by a physician or hair restoration specialist.

Often People live on Promises and hope , not Reality or proven facts.


But in spite of that there are many traditional medications of different part of the world that are in use for ages for the baldness.
Herbs like Bhrami, Jatamansi, Bhringaraj, Amla & Shikakai are by Indian Traditional medicines –Aurveda are considered good for hair.

Saw palmetto:

This is a plant native to North America

The active ingredients are found in the plant's brown-black berries. It contains two types of oils, fatty acids and sterols. There are many possible side effects. It is available as ingredient in many uncontrolled hair loss medications but unfortunately it is never been well studied.
Chinese Herbs:

Fleece Flower Root - - He Shou Wu or FO TI
Szechuan Lovage - - Chuan Xiong 
Hoelen Mushroom - - Fu Ling
Well, there are a lot of bald Chinese Herbalists ...
Traditional Chinese Medicine believes that diseases are caused by imbalance between Yin-Yan and the 5 Elements. Treatment for each individual is different. There is no rationale to use ready-made universal herbal formulation without knowing your own imbalance. For example if you are Yin-deficiency and take a Yan-supplement by mistake, you are in trouble.

A famous Chinese herb, Ginseng is a recognized antioxidant, and also a natural body energizer. But few are aware of ginseng’s remarkable hair-growing qualities. Ginseng helps to enhance the oxygen supply in the body and also the scalp. Increased oxygen in the cells helps repair damaged hair cells, thereby promoting hair growth.

Chinese Angelica Root
Dong quai or Chinese Angelica root has long been a cure for hair loss. Endowed with Vitamin E, Chinese Angelica root works to improve blood circulation and increased hair growth. Chinese Angelica root aids in metabolism, and also replenishes the supply of body nutrients essential for hair growth.

Multiflower Knotweed Tuber
The multiflower knotweed tuber is known to restore energy as well as nurture the kidneys and liver, which the Chinese consider as being vital elements for hair growth. A daily intake of this herb enables the kidneys to aid in improved blood circulation in the scalp, thereby restoring hair growth.

Chinese Yam
The Chinese yam is also believed to nurture the kidneys and liver and helps in blood purification, which is necessary to check hair loss and promote fresh, healthy hair growth.

Psoralea Seeds
Taking psoralea seeds – around 3 to 9 grams – daily, gives you a 30% possibility of hair restoration, when used together with a wholesome diet, regular exercise and sufficient sun exposure.

Green Tea
It is a popular perception that a regular intake of green tea is a highly effective male pattern baldness treatment. Green tea has catechins that cause the inhibition of 5-alpha-reductase enzyme, which is instrumental in converting testosterone into the hair-unfriendly DHT.


Arnica and Phosphorus are mostly the ingredients used for hair loss treatment

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